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Our account receivable loan company offers our clients the

We fund your receivables with our own company money,
not investor money.This allows us to be more
flexible with our receivable loan programs.

We take away your cash flow headaches;
you get your cash from your receivables now
and we will wait for your customers to pay.
We can fund start-up companies accounts receivable also

All industries, including account receivable loans
for Health Care Staffing, Tansportation,
Trucking, Manufacturing, Labor Staffing, and more.

Account Receivable Loan Program includes the
following features at no additional charge:

24 hour funding on approved invoices
Highest advance rates in the factoring company industry
Credit analysis on new and existing customers
Continuous collection management and follow up
  on factored invoices
Invoice and statement mailing (postage included)
Account status inquiries anytime; 24/7 online account access.

With our flexible company Security Agreement
our client maintains control:

Clients select accounts they prefer to factor on an invoice by invoice   basis.
Clients control total factoring costs by only factoring on an "as needed"    basis.

Advance Account Receivable Loan Rates up to 97%:
Advance receivable loan rates are based on overall risk associated with a
particular industry as well as experience and company track record.
We hold reserve accounts to accommodate industries which typically
experience dilution and that we would otherwise not be able to service.
Advance rates range from 80% to 97% of the gross invoice amount.

Account Receivable Loan Fee Structures:
Receivable loan fees are determined based on your industry, the credit
worthiness of your customers, how quickly your invoices turn, and
monthly factoring volume. To find out how we might structure
a factoring deal for you, please complete our

online account receivable loan request form
To talk with a member of our sales team,
please contact one of our
regional offices at:

Toll Free:  888-266-0197
and ask for Andrea

Fax #:  425-702-1874


  We say YES when everyone else says NO                                            888-266-0197

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